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We have been called as missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to serve with the Perpetual Education Fund in the Central America Area. We are living in Guatemala City, Guatemala and we work at the area office. Our assignment is to visit with the Stake PEF Specialists in all seven countries, to train and assist them in this inspired program.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week of March 16th to March 22nd 2009

16 March 2009…..Monday
We had a lot going on at the office today. I wrote up yesterday’s visit with a specialist and put that on our PEF activities. Dick made some phone calls and then I was able to complete the report of the specialist’s activities for February. I emailed both to Reynaldo and Claudia. I got an email from Felipe in Belize and it always makes me happy to hear from one of our Belize students. I got a stack of sheets of all the loan payments that have been made in the last week and so I was able to start entering that information onto the repayment report. We ate a sandwich at our desks and then went upstairs to the PEF Committee Meeting. It was held in Elder Clarke’s office as he has a ruptured disc and was lying on the couch. He has been in a lot of pain and has had a cortisone shot. In the last week I have seen Dean limping and having a hard time with his leg and Preston was also having a painful time. All three of these guys (can I call a member of the Seventy a guy??) play racquetball many mornings. They have forgotten that they are in their sixties and the body doesn’t work the same way it used to when they run around on the court.
After the meeting I worked on the loan repayment report and I still have a lot to do tomorrow. When we got home I lay down and slept awhile. I have had a headache many days this month, which isn’t unusual at this time of year. I just thought that being in a different climate would make me exempt. Guess not.
For some reason I have not been able to get on the internet this evening. Very frustrating. But, I finally got the internet and just in time. Skype rang and it was Ava Lee Crosby calling. Kelsey was holding her. As we talked she yawned and laid her little head down and fell asleep. I just want to hold her and kiss those little cheeks. She is 2 ½ months old.

17 March 2009…..Tuesday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I have just a smidgen of Irish in me from centuries ago, so that makes me legitimate. I didn’t go to the office today. My headache just won’t go away. I slept a lot this morning and lay down most of the afternoon. Dick brought me a malt when he came home for a bite of lunch. For dinner he brought Taco Bell chalupas and fries. It all tasted very good. I certainly don’t care for the hamburgers here in Central America.
When Dick came home this evening he said he had a gift for me. It was antibiotics that Kim Taylor (doctor) sent home for me. He had come to our door a few minutes earlier with cherry cobbler that Carolyn had made. It is so wonderful to have a doctor living in the same building, plus working in the same building. Every year I have an episode with headaches for a few weeks that just won’t go away, even with medication. For two years my allergist ordered an MRI and each time it showed a sinus infection, and each time my allergist would examine me and say he sees no infection. I have no congestion nor are my headaches the excruciating sinus headache. He has put me on antibiotics and the headaches clear up. Last year, when the headaches went on and on (he believes they are from allergies) he said no need for an MRI this time. He just started me on antibiotics and I was fine. So, I have self diagnosed myself and hopefully the antibiotics will work their charm once again.
For the last week I have had an ache in my arm and my shoulder that I think was from the 7 hours straight entering loan information last week. After a few hours of doing the loans yesterday, I had the same problem. It feels better this evening. The trouble is I get several hundred all at once. I need to break up that intense time at the computer into smaller segments. I guess it’s sort of like the 60+ guys on the racquetball court. My arm and shoulder are telling me to slow it down.
Two of our ordered nacimientos (nativity sets) were delivered to the office today. She will make two more and deliver them in June. We want to have eight by the time our mission comes to an end so we can take them to each of our kids.

18 March 2009…..Wednesday

I stayed home again today. Dick came home about noon to check on me. I can’t believe how much sleep I am getting. I hope to be back at the office tomorrow. I have a ton of loan entries waiting for me.
When Dick came home this evening he brought a guest, Flat Stanley.
He will go everywhere with us for a week or so and we will take pictures and send them to Aimee so she can chronicle Flat Stanley’s visit with us. It’s a kindergarten project and Flat Stanley arrived via the internet and the printer at the office.

19 March 2009…..Thursday

I went back to the office today, with Flat Stanley in tow. I took 10 pictures of him as he got to meet people in the office. Everyone really liked him. My head was still aching but doing better than yesterday. Most of my day was spent on the loan report. When we got home I laid down for awhile and then after dinner we went to Taylors to teach them how to play Mexican Train. They played with all of us last week but that was their first time.
I can’t leave Flat Stanley here alone so I took him with us.

20 March 2009…..Friday

Today we came home from the office about 1 pm. Dick went back to finish up some work and I stayed home. My headache was better part of the day. This evening Dick went up to Taylors for sandwiches and a basketball game on TV. I was a couch potato, in my sweats, most of the evening.

21 March 2009…..Saturday

Cleaning day. I am slower than slow. But, the laundry is done and the apartment is clean. I did take some pictures of Flat Stanley just hanging out with us.
The Tilleys and Hermana Thibalt arrived home today from their trip to Nicaragua. Dick went to the airport and picked them up. At 4 pm we went to the Hermana’s apartment for a delicious lasagna dinner. I took rolls that I had put under the broiler with Merrill’s butter/cheese topping. It was a hit and I came back and made a second batch. (the spread recipe is on my blog)

22 March 2009…..Sunday

Up at 5:30 am and out the door by 7 am with Tilleys. We took our car. We went to Patzicia Stake, over an hour away in the highlands. This is the only stake in Guatemala that is totally indigenous. Many years ago the indigenous came down from the central highlands and settled there. About 40 years ago the missionaries had great success there. The Church also built homes and paved roads for the early members. The area the chapel is in is called Zarahemla. There are 7 units in the stake….5 wards and 2 branches. The ward we were in was huge, with people in the overflow area. The first thing we noticed is how small the people are. Most of the women were way under five feet. Almost all of them were wearing the colorful indigenous dresses. The men were all in white shirts and ties and many in suits. There were a lot of little children….150 in Primary…sounds like a Utah ward. We love the little children. I love to sing the hymns of Zion in church as the Guatemalans really sing out their praises. We met with the stake specialist. We love meeting these good people and see how the Fund can change lives for future generations.
It was cold In Patzicia and in the church building.

I wore a sweater with a heavier blouse over it and then my blue jacket. Still cold. It was much warmer here in Guatemala City at 5000 ft. We took a nap and then Tilleys came over and we worked on plans for FHE since we are doing a comedy night tomorrow night and we all have to participate.

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